breaking bread

Fresh Prince Edward Island black mussels with a grilled baguette

  1. Lobster, tomato, spiced tomato broth 12
  2. Wild mushrooms, garlic, herbs, cream 9
  3. Pernod, pancetta, garlic butter sauce 12
  4. Saffron, lobster broth 11
  5. White wine, garlic, fresh herbs, salted butter 9
  6. A sample of any three 14
  1. Pomme Frites: hand cut, twice fried, with choice of two sauces 5
  2. Graisse de Canard Frites: Pomme frites fried in duck fat 7 Sauces: Curry ketchup, Mammoet, Andalouse, Americaine, Roasted red pepper mayonnaise, Béarnaise
  3. Beer Cheese Soup: Dubbel Vision Ale, Edam cheese, sourdough croutons 5
  4. Snack board: rotating selection of beer friendly cheeses, meats, olives, nuts, breads 13
  5. Beef Tenderloin Slider Trio: béarnaise sauce, pomme frites 11
  6. Monastery Salad: mixed greens, pickled onions, garlic roasted walnuts and dried cherries with hazelnut dressing 7

Unique sandwiches served on fresh waffles

  1. Braised endive, spiced tomato sauce, pickled vegetable slaw, fennel herb waffle 10
  2. Pork belly, cherry bbq, apple slaw, apple chive waffle 9
  3. Pulled chicken, apple, walnuts, red onion, garlic aioli, apple chive waffle 9
  4. Lobster, arugula, hazelnut vinaigrette, havarti dill cheese, fennel herb waffle 13

Hand pattied Belgian Blue Beef with iceberg lettuce and heirloom tomatoes

  1. Hollandaise, Black Forest ham, poached egg 11
  2. Housemade bacon, Edam cheese 10
  3. BBQ pork belly, five-year cheddar, coleslaw 12
  4. Foie gras, herbed goat cheese, pancetta, marinated tomato 15
  5. Housemade black bean, flax seed and quinoa patty with roasted bell peppers, avocado and havarti dill cheese 10
A beer bar
A warm and simply decorated restaurant which pays tribute to the brewing history of Belgium's monasteries and the Monks who invented the historic styles. A from scratch kitchen offering a unique reinvention of European cuisine.