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Our house ales and lagers are craft-brewed on-site with great care. They are fresh, unique and satisfying, in the Irish style.

Kilkenny Northern Light
A clean and refreshing ale. Good any time of the year to refresh the palate and keep one’s yearning for craft-brewed beer satiated.
5/pint 6.5/23oz 18/pitcher

Marble City Red
A nitrogenated Irish Red Ale. The deep red hue is adorned with a rich, white creamy head. Brewed with just a smidgen of hops to compliment the robust malt character and smooth finish. Kilkenny is often referred to as The Marble City. The city’s footpaths and many local buildings were
constructed with marble quarried nearby.
5.5/pint 7/23oz 19.5/pitcher

Diabolical IPA
An aggressively hopped IPA, with nice caramel sweetness. This brew features multiple hop additions which provide an abundance of flavor and aroma.
6/pint 7.5/23oz 21/pitcher


River More Porter
A dark ale flowing from roasted aromas and flavors to a pleasant hop bitterness in the finish. A true Porter lover’s favorite. The Porter style of beer is named after the vocation of its imbiber. Porters loaded and unloaded ship’s cargo, then refreshed themselves with this tasty beverage.
6/pint 7.5/23oz 21/pitcher

Shirley’s Irish Stout
A dry stout with loads of roasted barley and a long finish. Nitrogen-dispensed for extra creaminess.
5.5/pint 7/23oz 19.5/pitcher

Nomad Hard Cider
Made from Michigan apples grown on Old Mission Peninsula 7

Guest Tap Guinness Extra Stout
The legendary beer of Ireland - and a vital part of Irish culture. Smooth, creamy and rich
with a frothy head that will not die. Takes a minute or two to pour. Be patient lassies & laddies
7/pint 9/23oz 25/pitcher

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